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Lampedusa - Jordan Taylor, Guitar
56 by Toumani Diabate
Elyne Road - Toumani Diabaté

Giving Voice to Lost Music

Mission: To give a voice to the lost music of the West African Griot and bring the color and beauty of this genre to the ears of Western audiences

For over 15 years, Jordan has captivated international audiences through unique and creative performance. Using his experience living in Ghana, Africa for nearly 15 years to craft a program of unique world-music, Jordan considers it his mission to act as an ambassador of the guitar to enable positive change in communities around the world. To this end, Jordan created the first ever classical music festival in Ghana, the Ghana National Music Festival. Through his work in Ghana, Jordan is known for giving the first ever guitar concerto performance with a joint orchestra that included the National Symphony and members of the GNMF student orchestra. Through cultivating collaborations between American and Ghanaian artists, the GNMF started a revolution in Ghana's classical music scene that has inspired and curated numerous positive changes, including the formation of Ghana's first nationally recognized youth symphony.

In 2016, Jordan began a revolution in his own career, one that saw a shift from the standard practices of the classical guitarist to the a-typical practices of the West African Griot. By combining his love for classical music and passion for West African culture, Jordan has crafted a program that explores the colors, sounds, and rhythms of musical cultures that have been lost in time to the West. As a result, Jordan is currently releasing a series of recordings featuring some of the finest pieces of music from the Mande, Asante, and Yoruba tribes. Due for final release of the collective album in 2023, "Griot" will be the only recording featuring this music for solo guitar by an American artist.

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Select Performances

  • Carnegie Hall (NYC, USA)

  • Paris Conservatory (Paris, France)

  • San Antonio All-Guitar SummerFest (San Antonio, USA)

  • Ataneo Theater (Madrid, Spain)

  • Georgia State University (Atlanta, USA)

  • University of Ghana (Accra, Ghana)

  • St Cuthberts Hall (Bedford, England)

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