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Introduction to the blog

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to start this blog on all things music and guitar! As of now, there won't be any strict plan to how often I post or what content I post, I'm just going to kind of let it happen as it happens. My goal is to write 1-2 posts a month to start.

A bit of a background that you won't find in my bio. First, I mostly go by JB. I was named after my great uncle JB, it stands for Jordan Blake. I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive wife who keeps me honest in everything I do. I also have two (soon to be three!) daughters who are a constant source of inspiration, joy, laugher. The picture thumbnail for this post is of me with my oldest, Emma at a fair last year! I am a third year doctoral student with plans on graduating within the next 12 months. I love talking all things music from history to theory to performance to entrepreneurship, it all gets me excited! I'm mostly a soloist but if I had my choice I'd play all my shows in some kind of ensemble setting, particular guitar quartet with the crew from UofL. Get ready for an awesome cello/guitar duo my brother and I formed! The last thing that you might find interesting is that my dissertation topic is on the organology and history of the Seperewa - a harp lute local to Ghana.

So why am I doing this? Because I like talking about music. I love putting my thoughts out there for other people, especially when they resonate with them. And if only 1 person engages with this blog, that's totally awesome! I hope you get something out of it! I'm not going to limit my potential topics down but I will give you a few examples of things I might talk about: Musical analysis (both score and aural), historical analysis, teaching strategies, practice strategies, entrepreneurial endeavors, positive reviews of anything musical, interviews with people, descriptions of podcasts and their benefits, etc... Really, anything related to music goes but those are just a few that I've already identified as potential topics.

So, thanks for being here and spending your free time with me!

- JB


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